In the 2022 Cristina Sevilla & Helen De Quiroga formed a new band and called it BACCARA feat. Cristina Sevilla & Helen De Quiroga.

This is how Baccara is known today, the current band is regularly touring on the world.

A Spanish band Baccara became popular at the end of the 70-ies, the most famous hits being  «Cara Mia», «Sorry I’m A Lady». Baccara sold the most copies of their single and featured in the Guiness Book of World Records, as the highest selling female band. The band members have changed over the years and the current team is different to the original ones.

The original band singers Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola met during one of the Spanish ballet troupe’s tour. They decided to form a music band by singing cover songs in clubs and hotels. Shortly after that they met their first producer from RCA studio. Together they released their first single «Yes Sir, I Can Boogie», which was instantly at the top of all music charts and loved by the audience.

 The first studio album that became platinum twice was released in 1977. At the same time Baccara performed at a prestigious music festival in Tokyo, where they ended up being 14th. In 1978 Baccara were representing Luxembourg at the Eurovision song contest.

Starting from late 70-ies the band often on TV, loved by European as well as the Soviet Union fans. In a few years’ time one of the band members was raising her concerns about the quality of the audio, which resulted in change of their production company, failure of their forth album and the end of Baccara.

Baccara is a legendary group of the Disco 80 era and a participant in all festivals with other unforgettable groups: OTTAWAN, ABBA, MAURO, ADRIANO CELENTANO and ect.


Baccara hits & videos


Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (Starparade 02.06.1977)

Why Don't You Reach Out? / Light My Fire

BACCARA - "YES SIR, I CAN BOOGIE" Live September 28, 2019

Baccara discography

Baccara released 12 studio albums, 22 singles and 14 compilations

Baccara (1977)

The first album which included hits like «Yes Sir, I Can Boogie» and «Sorry, I’m a Lady». One of the key features was an Elvis Presley cover song. The album was at the top of all the hit charts of Norway, Sweden and Finland in 1977-1978.

Light My Fire (1978)

One of the most popular songs is «Parlez-vous français?», which was performed at the Eurovision song contest

Colours (1979)

The most popular singles of this album were «Ay, Ay Sailor» and «By 1999». None of the albums were released on a CD, as the ownership rights belonged to Sony BMG, who were not into it at the time.

Bad Boys (1981)

The last album released by the original band members despite all the misunderstanding and conflicts. Sadly due to the end of disco era the record has not been able to find its audience, which resulted in a failure. It never made it to any of the hit charts in Europe and wasn’t released at all in the USA.



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